About Battling

BattleBeast Breedables – About Battle (last updated 05-04-2016)

Class Outline:

1- Our Motto
2- HUD Overview
3- Connecting to your dragon
4- How to Battle- Step by Step
5- Gains and Losses from Battle
6- Helpful Hints
7- Battle Practice.

Better Battle Means Better Breeding
Better Breeding Means Better Battle

Battling your dragon up through the Levels is a great way to pull better offspring. This class will teach you how to battle and use your HUD. The HUD version should be the same version as your dragon. If you are having a problem with connecting your dragon to your HUD, please check that they are the same version. (When a new updater is released, a new HUD quickly follows.)

To attach your HUD right click on it in your SL Inventory and hit Add. It will pop up on the top left corner of your screen.


The BBB HUD is VERY helpful. Let’s quickly explore the functions that are not strictly battle-related.

On the right edge of the HUD are several tabs: MANAGE, BATTLE (and there may be new tabs added, over time).
Clicking on a tab will select a new section of the HUD functions.

All these buttons are found on the “Manage” tab (Roughly top-to-bottom order)
LOCATE – Locates all dragons in the region, and once you are connected, will give you the coordinates of your dragon.
HOME – Returns your connected dragon to it’s home position.
HERE – Calls the connected dragon to where you are located.
CONNECT – Clicking this and then the dragon connects them.
FLY – Toggles Fly/Land ON/OFF for the dragon that is connected to the HUD.
FOLLOW – Connected Dragon will now follow you.
PATROL – Sends a connected dragon to wander, flying around the area.
HUNT – Not currently active.

ALL DRAGON RESET – Located at the bottom of your HUD, his button resets every dragon you have in one region.
HUD RESET – Resets the HUD


Attach the HUD.
Select the MANAGE tab.
Click on the CONNECT button.
You should see a chat message in SL, similar to this: [11:12] BattleBeast Dragon HUD v2.3.3: At least one animal has replied… Touch one Animal to connect it to the HUD
Touch one of your nearby dragons.
You should see the hovertext change on that dragon that you touched, to indicate that it’s now connected to the HUD.
You should also see the dragon’s name be shown on the HUD.

That’s it – you’re connected!


Before entering any battle, it is wise to reset both your HUD and your dragon. Once you’ve connected to one of your dragons, you can Scan for a nearby opponent. If you and a friend (or a foe!) have already decided to battle, you know who they are, but your dragon (and HUD) don’t… so you have to help them locate the opponent (and their dragon).To connect to your dragon, hit the “Connect” button on your HUD, located at the top in the middle, then click the dragon. When you have successfully connected, your dragons name will appear at the top of your HUD.

Enter the battle menu by hitting the red “Battle” tab on the right side of your HUD. It is not necessary for both people to enter battle menu, but it does cut down on lag and errors if you both do. You will see a scan button. ONLY ONE PERSON NEEDS TO SCAN AND CHALLENGE. If this person is you, hit the scan button and your HUD will pop up a list of dragons found in the scan. Click the name of the dragon you wish to battle and then click challenge, now located beside scan. The person you are challenging will notice their HUD change into battle screen automatically, hit accept (located where scan usually is) and the battle is on!

At the very top of your HUD below the names of the dragons involved in the battle you will see two green bars, this is the display of your stamina (STA) and hit points(HP) on the left side, and the right side displays your opponents. Directly below your stats you will see two menus to choose from. The “Attack” button gives you a minimum of 4 offensive maneuvers while the “Defend” button gives you 5 options to choose from. To move, you click the move and then the green “Go” button on the right side of your HUD.

If you look beside each move, you will see two columns of numbers. The first column is stamina (STA) and the second column is hit points (HP). Stamina is the energy needed to perform the move, the total of your stamina can be found at the top left of your HUD. Hit points is the amount of damage taken on by the opponent. The person who has chosen the move with the highest total of hit points wins the round. The loser of the round takes the difference in HP between the move they chose and the move their opponent chose. The rounds will continue in that manner until one person is out of Hit Points. Once on the end battle screen, press go to get back to the “Manage” tab. The “Disconnect button (found where connect was) will disconnect your HUD from your dragon.

(more info can be found in attached notecard on levels and XP)

Experience Points (XP) and Level both start at 0.

XP is not reset as you go up in levels.
You start at Level 0, and when your XP gets to 105, your dragon becomes Level 1.
At XP 240, it becomes Level 2, etc.

Gains and Losses, from a Battle:

+2.5% XP if you beat someone at a lower level
+5.0% XP if you beat someone at the same level
+7.5% XP if you beat someone at a higher level

-5.0% XP if you lose to someone at a lower level
no gain or loss of XP if you lose to someone at your level
+2.0% XP if you lose to someone at a higher level


– Pregnant dragons can battle, but it is suggested not to do so when close to an egg drop to help avoid possible errors. (99.8 and higher pregnancy)

– Any size dragon can fight any size dragon. (It is possible for a tiny to face an ancient.) However, size does effect Hit Points and Stamina.

– The exact hit points of each move can vary depending on your dragon’s traits.

– Dragons can battle from age 5 to age 250 (Ancients have no maximum battling age).