About Support Tickets

About Support tickets (updated February 2020)


If you have a problem with one of our animals, and need help, there are two ways to get help:
a). Ask in the group “BattleBeast Breedables”
Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are online some of the time (but not at hours 24/7) or there is CSR board located at the main sim.

b). Use the online ticket system: (all tickets are actioned within 24 hours of being filed)

1) http://www.battlebeastsupport.com/

2) Click on Open New Ticket

3) Fill out the form, being sure to list a current and active email account. The email address you provide will be the first point of contact or if additional information is needed
4) Select the Help Topic from the drop down list that most closely relates to what your ticket is about.
5) Fill out as complete a description of the problem as possible, also include the following information

*Legacy name in case Support needs to IM you in world

*Location of the dragon/kitsune (SlURL) easiest way to get that is to stand at the location of the dragon and then go to World. then landmark the location. Once the location is landmarked open the landmark and go to Copy SLURL. Attach that information to the ticket in the Description box.

* UUID or Name of the dragon/kitsune without this information we are unable to rebuild your dragon or kitsune (listed down below are a couple of suggestions on how to find the uuid of the dragon/kitsune)

*Please add error report spam from local chat

*Once the ticket is filed you will receive an email with your ticket number

*If you have a broken dragon/kitsune once you have filed your ticket you will need to create a Folder with your legacy name and ticket number
EG Panda Soulstar 123456
Then place the broken dragon in the Folder and wait for further instructions.

**Remember to check you email account for contact from Support they may have instructions for you or requests for added information and if you don’t reply to the their contact in a timely fashion your ticket maybe closed.

———————————————————————————-How to find the UUID of your dragon/kitsune there are a couple of ways to do this

1. The Error report spam in local chat

2. UUID from Object Description:
– right-click the dragon/kitsune and select “Edit” from the circular “pie menu”
– click on the “General” tab
– copy/paste the info from the “Description” field, and please include that in the ticket

3. Create a birth record copy the dragon/kitsunes stats
– touch the dragon/kitsune
– from the blue menu select stats
– take a copy of from local chat and paste to a NC

4. You can use the BattleBeast Breedables Dragon Updater to create a list of your dragon/kitsune and their UUIDs, to keep in a notecard, (we recommend you do this once a week)
in case something happens to them. Here’s how:
– touch the updater
– choose “List Only” from the menu
– you will see a list of the dragons in your region, one line per dragon, like this:
[07:23] BattleBeast Breedables Updater v1.9.8-P: (List-Only) Dragon: v1.9.6 Sweetheart – DEV – KEEP @ <236,145,21> UUID:6d3203aa-55f7-7dd5-70eb-f9202aaf7991
– copy the text chat into a notecard, and save it for later.
Birthing Issues

1. If you have brought an egg from a vendor and there is a birthing issue you will need to file a ticket and make sure you put a copy of your transaction history in the ticket (from your dashboard)

2. If you brought an egg from a breeders store and or a breeder directly and there is a issue during the birthing process you will need to file a ticket

3. IF you have a birthing issue and you have the mother the egg can be re dropped by a CSR up until the time the mother is re breed after that a ticket would need to be filed

thank you 🙂

The BattleBeastBreedables team 🙂