The Library

Here is a collection of useful “info cards” that will hopefully answer many of your questions about our Dragons and Kitsune.

For New Dragon Breeders (Start Here)
For Experienced Breedable Breeders
The Story Of the BattleBeasts
Best Practices
About Breeding
About Battling
About Crystals
About Dragon Traits
For Sale Signs
About Elemental Dominance
About Elemental Wings
About Genetics
About Golden Eggs
About Non-binary Gender
About Office Hours
About Server-side food
About Sim/Region Performance
About Support Tickets
About The Autofeeder
About The Dial-A-Dragon
About The Hydras
About The Updater
About Zombies

P.S. There is a “virtual library” in SL, where you can also explore 🙂