About Server-Side food

About Server-Side Food (updated 02-2020)

There is now a Server-Side Food Vendor, at the Main Dragon Store.
It’s a shiny logo box, on top of a pile of gold, in the place where you buy food.

You can use it to buy Eucommia, Ligustrum, or check your food Balances.

Server-side food is not required; it is optional. You can also combine the eating of server-side food with traditional “in-world rezzed” food. The dragons will look for local in-world rezzed food first, up to 50m away, and if it’s not available, then they will check to see if you have server-side food balances.

Dragons in your Inventory do not eat from server-side, at this time.

If you turn Diagnose on, on the dragon, you will see in-world chat when they eat server-side food. Here is an example of what “eating” looks like, with Diagnose turned on:

[07:14] Drago: (d) Vigour is 51.0%. Looking for Eucommia, last eaten 7200 seconds ago
[07:14] Drago: (d) Consumed Eucommia. Vigour changed from 51.0% to 52.0%
[07:14] Drago: (d) Server Eucommia balance is now: 21734 units


Q: How will we know when we are running low on the server-side food?
A: For now, you come to the vendor, and check your balance. Eventually, we might have a mini-vendor or add it to the HUD, to check the balance

Q: Can they eat the server food from inventory or do they only access it while rezzed?
A: This is for animals who are rezzed out in SL, not in your Inventory (good question)

Q: If you have points you can’t use server side?
A: For now, you can’t use Beyond points to buy server-side food. We might add that, in the future.