About Zombies

About Zombie Genetics and Brains (updated 11-2013)

Zombie limited edition dragons will eat regular dragon food, but they really want brains – d’oh, they’re zombies! Rez the Zombie Brain Food within 10m of a zombie dragon. Once the zombie dragon finds the brain food, you will see in the hovertext (over the zombie dragon) the number of brains the dragon is digesting – they can digest up to 5 brains at a time. If you touch the Zombie Brain Food, you can see how many brains remain in it to be digested.

If your zombie dragons have no brain food, they will scan other dragons to see if those brains can be eaten – if so, the “regular” dragon being infected will show this in its hovertext, under the name:

(zombified….brains being digested: x)

where x can be between 0 and 5.

If you’d like to watch the infection process a bit closer, turn “Verbose” on dragons of interest to get more detail.

The zombification state is a temporary Zombie status, the “regular” dragon will stay a zombie for three days. While they are zombified, the same rules apply to them as to zombies – they want brains, and can infect other dragons.

Zombies and zombified dragons can breed at any time, as normal – however, zombified dragons who become pregnant seem to have a much better chance of passing the Zombie Dead Eye!

Zombified dragons will revert back to their normal state three days after being infected, with no change in their original genetics. Once they have reverted back to non-Zombified state, they are exempt from being Zombified for another 3 days.

The genetics elves from the Lab tell us that the Zombie genetic hunger for brains doesn’t last forever… but we don’t have any exact data on that.