For Sale area signs

BBB For Sale sign – Instructions

last updated February 7, 2021

The For Sale sign has two purposes:
1) Register your store location
2) Scans the area for BBB dragons and eggs

1) Register your store location

The For Sale sign is mod-able – please remove the existing texture, and drop in a full-perm logo of your store, renamed to the Name Of Your Store. When you do this, it will register your store with
our systems, and your logo will be placed on the sides of the For Sale sign box.

Please do not use the ‘ or ; characters in your Store Name.

2) Scans the area for BBB dragons and eggs

The For Sale Beacon scans for BattleBeast Dragon Eggs and Dragons, for a range of just under 100m.

Rezzing out the signs lets the BBB Scanner HUDs know that you’re okay with people coming to visit this area, in their search for dragons or eggs, for sale. It will scan once a day, or you can Scan at any time, from the touch menu.

Reset will also cause a Scan after a short delay.

Verbose turns on a chatty mode, so that you can see the names of the Eggs and Dragons that the scanner has picked up.

You may rez out multiples of these in a single region, if you have multiple “For Sale” areas.