About the Autofeeder

BattleBeast Breedables – Autofeeder v2.4 (updated: 02-19-2016)

Version 2.4:
– Version 2.4 is a minor update from v2.3
– The Autofeeder is now a small bit more “chatty”. For example, when Food is rezzed out from the Autofeeder because of “Pending Rez” requests (see below), it will now chat the specifics to the Owner: the type of food, and the rez destination. (In some cases, this was happening automatically and by design, but new Autofeeder users were not aware of it.)

TO UPGRADE FROM any previous AUTOFEEDER version:
– Before you rez out the latest version Autofeeder, unload the old Autofeeder by doing right-click and “Open”
(This will create a folder in your SL Inventory with the same name as the Autofeeder.)
– Pick up the old Autofeeder
– Rez out the new Autofeeder
– Right-click on the new Autofeeder and select “Edit”. Drag food (5 items at a time) from your SL Inventory into the Contents Tab.
– IMPORTANT: Only drag 5 or fewer items at a time into the Autofeeder. Dragging more than 5 at a time may cause SL to lose track
of food items. This is a limitation of SL, and something over which we have no control, as SL at times may be overwhelmed by larger
Inventory moves.
– IMPORTANT: Don’t drag any food items into the “lid” of the Autofeeder… just the main body/base prim. Food in the “lid” will be ignored.


The Autofeeder replaces empty food (Eucommia and Ligustrum) with new Eucommia or Ligustrum, respectively,  from the Autofeeder Inventory, rezzing the new food where the empty food had been.

The Autofeeder does not “feed” the dragons directly – it rezzes out new food in the same as the existing food was when the existing food becomes empty and de-rezzes (“poofs”).

Using the Autofeeder, you can be away from SL for days, and have your dragons not starve. As the food that you have rezzed is emptied, it will be replaced with food from the Autofeeder.


Rez one Autofeeder per SL Region/Sim where you want to feed your dragons.

If you rez multiple Autofeeders owned by the same Avatar in the same region, some of them will be temporarily disabled (until re-rezzed). Multiple Avatars can each have ONE Autofeeder in the same Region.

To load the Autofeeder – Drag BattleBeast Breedables food from your SL Inventory, into the Autofeeder.
(Edit the Autofeeder, select the Contents tab. Select the food in your SL Inventory, and drag the food into the Edit window).

Anything other than BattleBeast Breedables food (Eucommia or Ligustrum) will be ignored as “Unknown”, including Boosters.
A few seconds after the new items are dropped into the Autofeeder, they will be counted and totals displayed in hovertext
for a few seconds,

This Autofeeder does not use “plates”, as you might have seen in use by other feeding systems. Simply rez out v2.0 (or later) BattleBeast Breedables food within range of the dragons, as you would normally do.

When a food item is empty, it will poof (as it normally does). The Autofeeder will replace it with a food from the Autofeeder
Inventory to where the empty food had been.

When the Autofeeder is empty of Eucommia, you will get this message, once:
“Has no more Eucommia left…”

When the Autofeeder is empty of Ligustrum, you will get this message, once:
“Has no more Ligustrum left…”

If the Autofeeder is emptied of a particular kind of food, you will get a message each time the Autofeeder tries to rez food out:
e.g.: “There is no more Eucommia in the Autofeeder.”

If the Autofeeder is emptied of a particular kind of food, IT WILL KEEP TRACK OF WHERE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO REZ FOOD.
This is the “Pending Rez” list. The Autofeeder will rez the replacement food WHEN YOU ADD MORE OF THAT KIND OF FOOD into the
Autofeeder. You can see that there is ‘Pending’ food rezzing to happen, in two ways:
1) the hovertext on the Autofeeder, showing “Pending”
2) there will be a ‘Pending’ button on the Autofeeder touch-menu (which lists the type of food, and rez location).

FOOD Option – Replace ON/OFF

The v2.0 food has an Replace setting, which is ON by default. This can be changed in the FOOD touch-menu.
(Food setting) Replace ON – when that specific food is empty, it will be replaced by one from the Autofeeder.
(Food setting) Replace OFF – when that specific food is empty, it will not be replaced.

AUTOFEEDER Option – Permissions

In the AUTOFEEDER touch-menu, you can set the Sharing Permissions that you want set on each food item, as it’s rezzed. Setting the Permissions in the Autofeeder does not affect who can control the Autofeeder; it controls what Permissions (Owner, Group, or All) which will be set on the new food as it’s rezzed.

To Reset the Autofeeder, pick it up into your Inventory and rez it back out.
IMPORTANT: If there are any “Pending Rez” items, the list of food type and location will be displayed, and then the “Pending Rez” list in your Autofeeder will be cleared. This means that some locations which would have received food will not have any food rezzed, until another food item is emptied, there.