For New Dragon Breeders

Welcome to BattleBeast Breedables. You have joined a wonderful helpful community of breeders. Please make sure you join our main SL group – people are friendly and welcoming there; all questions are welcome.

Main Dragon Store:

Basic things every dragon needs 🙂
1. The Updater (Please leave this rezzed near your dragons)
2. Eucommia (food for Vigour) – to stay healthy
3. Ligustrum Berries (food for Euphoria) – to increase Desire/mating
4. The HUD

All can be found at the Main Store.

So you have everything you need…
Lets birth some dragons!

First Never right-click and Open aa egg or a dragon or you will find youself with a broken dragon or egg.

The website to file a support ticket is:

Click the egg and press the Birth button from the SL menu; then… please wait… do not touch or move it until all the sparkling has stopped.

Once it has stopped at this point it is birthed and will have to grow up a bit.
… Age 5 to start battling
… Age 7 to start mating (if using boosters), and once it hits 100%
… Note: If you’re not ‘boosting’ your dragon, it will naturally be
ready to mate at age 8 or 9.

So you can Hibernate your dragon by clicking on it and pressing the menu options:  More and then Hibernate. By hibernating it it will be in a 1-prim form, and eat 2% less food.

From a live Dragon

If your dragons are Hibernated (sometimes called a Chrysalis form), Click on it and Revive to make it look like a dragon
(menu: More / Revive)

And off to breeding and Battling you go!!!!
We welcome Questions and our group is very helpful.