For Experienced Breeders (Start Here)

For experienced SL breeders. we’ve tried to consolidate the things you’re most likely to be interested in, so you can quickly “get” what the BattleBeast Breedables Dragons are all about.

The BattleBeast Breedables Dragons were first introduced in SL in March 2012, after a 6-month development and testing period. They were the first breedable in SL to include the ability to battle. Everyone knows dragons are cool, and these dragons let you influence the genetics of your future dragon matings by battling
and leveling them up!

Our Motto:
> Better Battle Means Better Breeding
> Better Breeding Means Better Battle

Health Stats:
Vigour (akin to “hunger”)
Euphoria (akin to “happiness”)
Desire (akin to “heat”)
Ages (SL days)
Dragons can Breed from age 7 to age 180*
Dragons can Battle from age 5 to age 250*
Dragons start to gain Desire at age 6
* Ancient Size dragons never age out – can keep Breeding and
Battling forever

Mating: 20m (dragon to dragon) – or controlled by Range setting
Food: 50m (food to dragon)
Crystals: 50m (dragon to crystal)

Eucommia (For Vigour) 1 Pack of food (850 “units” will feed 1 dragon for 4 weeks)
> Required to keep dragons healthy

Ligustrum Berries (For Euphoria) (850 “units” will feed a 1 dragon for 4 weeks)
> Not required, unless you plan to breed your dragon

The crystals are not required, in order to breed dragons, but they will occasionally help boost % in Vigour, Euphoria, and Pregnancy.
Basic crystals are free, from the Main store, and come in random colors:
Blue: helps a male when he is mating
Pink: helps a female when she is mating
Yellow: can help pregnancy go faster
Purple: can help pregnancy recovery go faster
Red: can help desire gain faster
Green: can help food last longer
(Putting a LOT of crystals around won’t make a big difference, BTW).
Magic crystals are a newer form of the crystals, combining all of the above colors into one crystal, to save prims.

Most Boosters can be given to your dragon once every 24 hours. There are several different kinds of boosters with various affects to the health of your dragon.

Eau de Ponce (Youth Serum): Reduces dragon age by 30 days
Perpetuity (Perpetual Pet): turns dragon into pet before the age 200
Impatiens 1%: 1% boost in Pregnancy
Impatiens 5%: 5% Boost to pregnancy
Dandelion Greens: 10% Boost in Vigour
Huan Hua: 10% Boost in Euphoria
Maca: 10% Boost in Desire
Bee Pollen: 5% Boost per 24 hours in Vigour, Euphoria, and Desire
Hawthorne (Healing Booster): Heals a dragon at 0% Vigour; Rejuvenates the dragon to 100% Vigour, 100% Euphoria and 0% Desire.

If you do not feed a dragon it will “starve”, but nothing else bad will happen to it. It won’t run away, or die/poof, etc. You can bring it back to life by using a Booster, or simply feeding it regular food. It takes about 4 days (however if crystals are handy can take about 2 days instead of 4) for a dragon to eat itself way back from 0% (starved) to 100% Vigour or Euphoria. If you don’t want to feed a dragon and have it as a display, you can simply turn it into a pet using a booster.

Dragons can be turned into a pet (that doesn’t eat, breed, or battle), at any time, by consuming one bottle of the Perpetuity Pet Booster (mentioned above). Now Dragons that are 200 and above in age are automatically eligible for “AutoPet” – meaning that they can be converted to a pet for no cost and without the need of a booster.

We handle updates from one version to another using a free updater, available at any of the store locations. To update a dragon, place one current updater any where on your parcel/Region (owned by the dragon owner), and then touch the dragon menu: More/Update.
The updater can also update dragons in a “Bulk Mode” to update all your dragons in your parcel/region, unattended. To do this, rez out an updater, then touch the updater menu: “Bulk Update”.
Pro-tip: The updater has a “List only” feature to give you a list of all your dragons in the parcel/region; by name, location, and UUID. To get this list, rez out the updater, and touch and use menu: “List Only”.
Only one updater per owner per parcel/sim, if two are rez out by same person will shut them both down and you must pick up and re-rez only one updater 🙂
Dragons can be updated while in hibernation (see below).

The updater also has a special capability to put your dragons into a 1-prim “hibernation” form (we call is a Chrysalis – it looks like a large egg). While hibernating, they cannot mate, or battle, or drop an egg if pregnant. You must Revive a dragon to it’s full form, in order for it to drop an egg. While hibernating, dragons can advance in pregnancy%, and can also advance in Pregnancy recovery %. Hibernating dragons eat 3% less food (Eucommia and Ligustrum Berries) than when in their full-prim form.

Each Dragon is 21 prims when in full form, and only 1 prim while in hibernation. Some dragons use more prims, such as the Reindragon (Reindeer + dragon) at 23 prims. Fangs (originally from the vampire dragon) also add 2 prims. Hydras are a very rare kind of two-headed or three-headed dragon, which adds more prims (+1 heads, +1 neck, +2 eyeballs, etc.). If you’re very concerned about prims please realize that such high-prim dragons are very very rare (but they would be valuable, as a result), and also review the above section on “Hibernation”, where your dragon can become 1 prim.
Pregnancy Cycle:

3 days to gain Desire from 0% to 100% (Maca 10% Pregnancy booster can be used; max 1 per day).
3 days Pregnancy gestation, (Impatiens 1% or 5% booster can be used; max 1@5% per day).
3 days Pregnancy Recovery (Impatiens 1% or 5% booster can be used; max 1@5% per day).
Approximate male/female ratio for balanced cycle is 1 male for every 4 females.

1) Breed
2) Eyes
3) Wings
4) Tail
5) Size
6) Breath
7) Battle Strength
8) Battle Speed
9) Battle Recovery
10) Major Elemental (up to 5 Elementals are possible)
11) Minor Elemental
12) Add’l Elemental
13) Add’l Elemental
14) Add’l Elemental
15) Fangs
16) Twins
17) Hydra
18) Non-binary gender

Each of the first 6 traits above have a Visible and a Hidden trait.
The offspring of a mating will have a Visible and a Hidden trait for each one. What passes to the offspring will be random from the choices in the male and female, in proportion to the strength or weakness of a trait. Strong traits (for example, starter traits) are most likely to come through in a mating, unless there are Battle Levels involved.

Twins can Happen in any mating, but are more likely if the parents are siblings. Twins are identical in all respects, with the following exceptions: they do have diferent UUIDs, and they may have different genders.

A hydra dragon is a very special rare two-headed or three-headed dragon. Hydras carry “Hydra” as a visible trait marker, and MAY pass their Hydra trait to the offspring as a visible or hidden trait.

The dragons come in 6 different sizes. In order they are:
Mating Different Sizes:

Tiny – with Tiny or Dwarf
Dwarf – with Tiny or Dwarf or Normal
Normal – with Dwarf or Normal or Guardian
Guardian – with Normal or Guardian or Legendary
Legendary – with Guardian or Legendary or Ancient
*Ancient – with Legendary or Ancient

* Ancient Size Dragons don’t age out – can breed and battle forever.

You can battle against other people’s dragons, and as you win battles, your experience points (XP) and level will go up. The higher your level goes, the easier for the “weak” traits to come through. The average Battle level of the male and female is used to influence the strength of the traits. As you go higher and higher in battle level, the stronger traits get weaker, and the weaker traits get stronger – in that animal’s subsequent mattings.

There is a HUD available, which is used primarily for Battle and to control some dragons movements. The HUD is not required to breed the dragons. However, it does have a “Reset All Dragons” button which is an easy way for you to reset all of your dragons in the parcel/region.

The Object Description field of the dragons and eggs contains an encoding of the visible stats of the dragon. Most breeders will not need this, but if you’re creating an accessory and need to be able to scan nearby dragons for Vigour, Pregnancy%, etc. Please contact BattleBeast Resident.
Chat Commands:

The dragons have a number of chat commands, that in some cases maybe easier to use than the usual SL “touch menu”. To get a list of chat commands, touch your dragons tail, and type in local chat: help touching the dragons tail again will stop the listening (or it will close on it’s own if it doesn’t hear any chat from you in a short while).

We provide support with a great group of CSRs in our main chat group (BattleBeast Breedables). For most situations that aren’t readily resolved by talking to someone, we’ll ask you to send in a support ticket online via the website at
We strive to resolve situations as quickly as possible. In most all situations, you should hear from someone on our team within 24 hours of sending the ticket. (Please leave your SL AV Name, the dragon or egg name and UUID and location in SL)
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