About The Hydras and Twins/Triplets

About Twins and Hydras  (Updated 08-22-2015)

Every dragon mating now has a very small chance to produce a Twins Egg.

The following factors (below) will greatly increase the of each mating producing a “Twins Egg”:

1) The dragons that are mating are half or full siblings.

2) One or both of the mating dragons have Battle Levels.

3) The mating dragons are above age 90 (older dragons get slightly greater chances of better traits)

4) One or both of the mating dragons are themselves already Twins.

5) If the male dragon’s parents were half or full siblings.

6) If the female dragon’s parents were half or full siblings.


Since every “Twins Egg” has a chance of containing a Hydra, we’ll call it a “Twins/Hydra” Egg.

Until it’s birthed, you won’t know which it will produce: two Twins or one Hydra.

When birthed, you get one or the other: either two Identical Twin dragons, or one Hydra dragon (with two heads).

Whether a Twins/Hydra Egg will birth as Twins or a Hydra IS NOT displayed on the Egg… you have to birth it to find out!

A Twins/Hydra Egg will show in Hovertext as: “Twins or Hydra”.

A Twins/Hydra Egg will show in Stats as: “This egg will birth as Twins, or a Hydra”.

Being a Twin or a Hydra is now a Trait.

The Twin trait is not passable. Being a Twin will increase that dragon’s chances of mating to create a Hydra (see #4, above).

The Hydra trait is passable as a Visible or Hidden trait.

When a Twins/Hydra egg is birthed as a Hydra dragon, and being the first Hydra in it’s “family tree”… the Hydra trait will be Visible.
Another way to say this: If there are no ancestor Hydra from either parent side, and the egg is a Twins/Hydra, the newly birthed
dragon will not contain a Hidden Hydra trait.

Since Hydra is a passable trait, any egg that inherits a Visible Hydra trait because it was passed from one of the parents, will show in
Hovertext or Stats, as: “Heads: Two-headed Hydra”.