About Breeding Dragons

Your dragons are 100% desire and ready to mate. Now what?

Dragons will only mate with one size up or down or same size dragons.
Below are the sizes in order:
Tiny — Dwarf — Normal — Guardian — Legendary — Ancient

Both dragons need to be at least 50% Vigour

Make sure to check your Range of your dragons. To set their range you click your dragon, click the following buttons:  Settings, More, Range and type it in local. (Most breeders use 20 m, so just type “20”)

Coupling can be done if you want to breed a specific male to a specific female.

To Couple:
1. Make sure they are in Range of each other (check both Ranges)
2. Click the dragon then Mating then Couple then you click on the other dragon and select Yes from the SL menu.

Once they are Coupled and 100% Desire is reached revive your dragons (if hibernated) and be patient. They might take a bit to mate.

Wait until both dragons say their sassy mating remark about each other, and then flap their wings, and the female is showing (1% pregnant) in her hovertext (or Stats). That indicates that they have sent their mating info to the server, and all is well. It’s then safe to Hibernate them until it is time to drop her egg and or the male is ready for his next female.

If you hibernate too soon after breeding it may result in a false pregnancy. Please be patient and give them time to finish 😉

Pro-Tip: If you are having problems mating your dragons, you can do this:
1. On the female, turn on Diagnostics (Settings menu)
2. On the male, turn his Mating / Breed off, and then back on.
You will get extra chat from Diagnose being on, that tells you why they are not mating. If you are still having issues, please ask for help in group chat, or file a Support ticket.  Have fun!