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BattleBeast Breedables – Dragon Traits
(last Updated: January 25, 2017)

There are now 19 possible traits in the BattleBeast Breedables Dragons:

Breed, Eye, Tail, Wing, Size, Breath, Battle Strength, Battle Speed, Battle Recovery, Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Water Elemental, Fire Elemental, Celestial Elemental, Void Elemental, Lightning Elemental, Fangs, Twins, and Hydra

How to count traits:

Anything listed below as “(STARTER)” or “Normal” is NOT counted a trait.
Numeric value traits that are below a certain level (e.g. Low or Normal) are not counted as traits.

Example 1: this is a 5 (FIVE) trait dragon: (note: v1 Stats format)

[17:16] Battle’s Dragon:
Female v1.9.5
Age: 7
Size: Dwarf <— TRAIT
Breed: Blue Western Scaled Dragon (STARTER)
Eyes: Blue Lava <— TRAIT
Wings: Normal (STARTER)
Tail: Ridged <— TRAIT
Breath: Ice <— TRAIT

Status: Available
Level: 0
XP: 45 (of 105)
Stamina: 100
HP: 100
Strength: Normal (STARTER)
Speed: High <— TRAIT
Recovery: Low (STARTER)

Example 2: this is a 9 (NINE) trait dragon: (note: v2 Stats format; includes the Elementals)

Female v2.0.0
Age: 0
Size: Guardian <— TRAIT
Breed: Peppermint Limited <— TRAIT
Eyes: Tourmaline Crystal <— TRAIT
Wings: Stardust <— TRAIT
Tail: Triple Ridged <— TRAIT
Breath: Fire <— TRAIT
Major: Air – High (1.225) <— TRAIT
Minor: Water – High (1.211) <— TRAIT
Add’l: Fire – High (1.205) <— TRAIT
Vigour: 100%
Euphoria: 100%
Desire: 0%
Home: <251,196,24>
Movement Range: 5m
Breeding: On
Status: Too young to battle
Strength: Normal (1.137) (Normal / not a trait)
Speed: Normal (1.010) (Normal / not a trait)
Recovery: Normal (1.058) (Normal / not a trait)

Here is a complete list of all the traits in the dragons, to date.


V1 Dragons

– Western Scaled Dragons: Green, Blue, White, Black, Azure, Orange (STARTERS)
– Western Feathered Dragons: Green, Blue, White, Black, Pink, Purple
– Red Western Year Of The Dragons: Scaled, Feathered
– Western Scaled Fancy Dragons: Pink, Purple, Silver, Gold
– Western Feathered Spring Limiteds: Blue, Yellow, Lilac (Spring Eye)
– RFL Time For A Cure Limited (RFL CURE Eye)
– Western Scaled Timepiece Limiteds: Copper, Brass (Timepiece Eye)
– Western Independence Day Limiteds: Scaled, Feathered (Stars and Stripes Eye)
– Western Hybrid DualTones: 1st set: Azure/Black, Black/Blue, Orange/White, White/Green,
2nd set: White/Pink, White/Purple, Black/Pink, Black/Purple
– Rainbow Western Appreciation Feathered * (Rainbow Eye)
– 2012 Halloween Limited (Halloween Glowing Eye)
– Angelic Beyond Limited * (Gold Beyond)
– Toys For Tots USMC Limited * (USMC Steel Eye)
– Reindragon Limited * (Reindragon Reflection Eye)
– Peppermint Limited (Peppermint Candy Eye)
– Pink Sweetheart Limited (Pink Loving Hearts)
– Red Sweetheart Limited (Red Loving Hearts)
– Anniversary Limited
– Daemonic Beyond Limited * (Fireball Beyond)
– RFL Hope Limited (RFL Hope Limited)
– Zombie Limited (Zombie Dead Eye Limited)
– Angelic Daemonic Hybrid (Heavenly Fire Hybrid Eye)
– Spearmint Limited
– Holiday Mint Hybrid
– Purple Sweetheart Limited

V2 Dragons

– Armored Dragons: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, White, Black, BC (Breast Cancer) Awareness Pink (STARTERS)
– Fae Dragons: Blue, Mint, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, White, Yellow
– St. Patrick’s Day Fae Limited
– Neon Dragons: Majorelle, Harlequin, Tangerine, Amaranth, Heliotrope, Shadows
– Armored Hybrids: Black/Red, Black/Blue, White/Black, Blue/Purple, BC Pink/White
– Easter Armored Stars and Suns
– Easter Faberge Fae Limited
– Easter Spotted Fae
– Starfall Noble
– Vampire Limited Edition
– Undead Ghoul Hybrid
– Ghostly Beyond Limited
– Autumn Fae Limited
– Fancy Hybrids: Silver/Gold, and Pink/Purple
– Reindragon Holiday Limited (Golden Antlers)
– Patchwork: Black, Blue, White, Green, Purple, Red
– Patchwork Hybrids: Red/Black, and Red/Green
– Primordial Fire Noble
– Fireworks Limited Edition
– Star-Spangled Limited Edition
– Dracolich Foul Magic
– Wynter Fae Limited Edition
– Gilded Wynter Fae Limited Edition
– Lavender Wynter Fae Limited Edition
– Sedimentary Earth Noble
– Horus Afterlife Beyond
– Valentine’s Cupid
– Valentine’s Broken Heart
– St. Patrick’s Day Celtic Knot Limited Edition
– St. Patrick’s Day White Celtic Knot Limited Edition
– St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Celtic Knot Hybrid
– Sakura Blossom Limited Edition
– Freedom Eagle Limited Edition
– Canada Day Limited Edition
– Spangled Eagle Hybrid Limited Edition
– RFL Magical Mystery Cure
– Golden RFL Magical Mystery Cure
– Halloween Mummy Limited Edition
– Mummy/Horus Hybrid
– Skeletal Death
– Storm Limited Edition
– Violet Storm Designer Edition
– Void Shadow Beyond
– Rudolph Reindragon Special Edition
– Holly Fae Limited Edition
– Mistletoe Limited Edition
– Holly Mistletoe Hybrid

* – As originally released, these Visible Breed traits did not pass to any offspring (changed in Dec 2013)

2) EYES:

V1 Eyes

– Glass: Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, White (STARTER)
– Lava: Green, Red, Orange, Purple, Blue, Black
– Crystal: Amethyst, Tourmaline, Citrine, Topaz, Quartz, Aquamarine
– Year of The Dragon (Note: was originally “Red Year of The Dragon”)
– Spring Limited
– RFL Cure Limited
– Timepiece Limited: Turquoise, Purple, Red
– Stars and Stripes Limited
– Rainbow Appreciation
– Halloween Glowing Limited
– Gold Beyond Limited
– USMC Steel Limited
– Reindragon Reflection Limited
– Peppermint Candy Limited
– Pink Loving Hearts
– Red Loving Hearts
– Rainbow Anniversary Limited
– Fireball Beyond Limited
– RFL Hope Limited
– Zombie Dead Eye Limited
– Heavenly Fire Eye
– Spearmint Candy Limited
– Holiday Mint Hybrid
– Purple Loving Hearts
– Fae Fairydust: Gold

V2 Eyes

– Compound: Blue, Gold, Purple, Rainbow, Red, White (STARTER)
– Fae Fairydust: Blue, Mint, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, White, Yellow
– Lightning: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, White
– Easter Lavender Compound (Easter 2014)
– Easter Faberge Fae Fairydust
– Easter Spotted Fae Fairydust
– Starfall: Celestial (Noble)
– Vampire: Vampire Blood
– Bloodshot Evil (Undead Ghoul Hybrid: Vampire/Zombie Hybrid)
– Hauntingly Hollow (Ghostly Beyond Limited)
– Fire Magma (Noble)
– Autumn Splendor (Autumn Fae)
– Patchwork Button: Black, Blue, White, Green, Purple, Red
– Fireworks
– Star-Spangled
– Dracolish Spiderweb
– Earth Gaia (Noble)
– Wynter Fae Snowflake
– Wynter Golden Snowflake
– Wynter Lavender Snowflake
– Ankh Breath Of Life
– Valentine’s Cupid Love
– Valentine’s Broken Heart
– St.Patrick’s Day Green Knotwork
– St.Patrick’s Day White Knotwork
– St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Hybrid Knotwork
– Sakura Blossom
– Freedom Eagle
– Canadian Maple Leaf
– Spangled Hybrid
– RFL Magical Mystery
– Golden RFL Magical Mystery
– Bandaged Eye of Providence
– Golden Eye of Providence
– Undead Light
– Bad Moon Rising
– Violet Bad Moon Rising
– Beyond the Veil
– Holly Berry
– Mistletoe
– Holly Mistletoe Hybrid
– Desi Fruitloop
– Battle’s Beanjuice
– Twilight Glitter


– Normal (STARTER)
– Ridged
– Triple Ridged
– Barbed
– Triple Ridged Barbed (hybrid)


– Normal (STARTER)
– Stardust
– Heart


– Tiny
– Dwarf
– Normal (STARTER)
– Guardian
– Legendary
– Ancient


– None (STARTER)
– Fire
– Ice
– Acid
– Gas
– Lightning

7) BATTLE Strength: Low, (STARTER) <= 0.4
Normal, (STARTER) <= 1.2
High <= 1.52
Very High <= 2.0
Ultra High above 2.0

8) BATTLE Speed: Low, (STARTER)
Normal, (STARTER)
Very High
Ultra High

9) BATTLE Recovery: Low, (STARTER)
Normal, (STARTER)
Very High
Ultra High

10) Air Elemental Low, (STARTER)
Normal, (STARTER)
Very High
Ultra High

11) Earth Elemental Low, (STARTER)
Normal, (STARTER)
Very High
Ultra High

12) Water Elemental Low, (STARTER)
Normal, (STARTER)
Very High
Ultra High

13) Fire Elemental Low, (STARTER)
Normal, (STARTER)
Very High
Ultra High

14) Celestial Elemental Low, (STARTER)
Normal, (STARTER)
Very High
Ultra High

15) Void Elemental Low, (STARTER)
Normal, (STARTER)
Very High
Ultra High

16) LightningElemental Low, (STARTER)
Normal, (STARTER)
Very High
Ultra High

17) Fangs

Fangs were introduced with the Vampire Limited Edition Dragons, and then shortly
thereafter, their Fangs were found to be passable to offspring. When Fangs
are on a Vampire (breed) dragon, the fangs are “Bloody Vampire Fangs”, with blood on them.
When Fangs pass to a non-Vampire breed, they are not bloody, simply “Vampire Fangs”.

18) Twins

Every dragon mating has a small chance of producing Twins. Matings with one or two Twins (they do not
need to be twins of each other), will increase the chance of offspring also being Twins. Twins have
different UUIDs. Twins are identical in their traits, but might be the same or different genders.
Dragons who are Twins show this in Stats: Identical Twin .
When still in the egg, you don’t know if a dragon might birth as a Twin, or a Hydra.
Eggs who might be Twins show this in Stats: This egg will birth as Twins, or a Hydra

19) Multiple Heads: Hydra (two-headed dragon)

Hydra dragons have two heads. A Hydra dragon is *possible* (but very very rare) with any mating.
Chances are improved greatly by mating Twins, Siblings (one or both parents being the same), and dragon
whose parents were Siblings. Hydra dragons can pass their Hydra trait as Visible or Hidden, to offspring.
Dragons which are Hydras show this in their Stats: “Heads: Two-headed Hydra”
When still in the egg, you don’t know if a dragon might birth as a Twin, or a Hydra.
Eggs who might be Hydra show this in Stats: This egg will birth as Twins, or a Hydra


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