About Elemental Wings

BattleBeast Breedables – About Elemental Wings 07-16-2017

Preface: Our thanks to кɭαʊʂɛ (klause04), for drafting this notecard!

v3.0 dragons introduced Elemental Wings. Now, all dragon Breeds (yes, including all of the V1 and V2 dragons!) can have Elemental Wings.

Elemental Wings *are* considered to be a trait.

Prior to V3.0, the wing traits that were available were Stardust and Heart.

New Elemental wings available: Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Celestial, Void, Lightning.

How do I get Elemental wings?

The answer to this is 2 ways.

1) Starter Dragons
Starter dragons can have elemental wings. This means any time you purchase a starter dragon V3 or above including limited editions, you have the potential to get one with one of the elemental wing traits listed above.

2) Genetics
Elemental wings uses a combined trait generation similar to gaining the Noble Dragons (Primordial Fire, Starfall Celestial, Sedimentary Earth, Ethereal Air).
The Elemental wings are given the best chances of showing up to dragons who hold a similar elemental major and have been battled. This does not guarantee the elemental wing will show up, however, it increases your chances of getting one. To get the fire wing for example your best chance would be to have two dragons with fire as their major element and to have them battled up. The same goes for the other elemental wings with their respective element.

Elemental Wing FAQs:
I have a starter dragon with fire wings, how did he get those without a fire major?

Answer: Starter dragons traits can be randomized. They have been seen starting with six elements, breath and even tails. The elemental wings are no different.

Can my starter dragon with fire wings pass them to his offspring?

Answer: there is a possibility but unless he has fire as his major element and is mated with another dragon who has fire as a major element and they are both battled, chances are it won’t pass especially that early in the generations.

I have two dragons with Celestial major and I have them battled. Will that get me Celestial wings?

Answer: No, it is not a guarantee, it merely gives you the better chance.

How high do the dragons have to be battled to get their elemental wings to show?

Answer: The amount of battling needed probably varies with the dragon and traits and the exact hardline level needed has not been disclosed leaving room for discovery. As stated already though, the level required may vary based on other things such as but not limited to chance(as it is not a guarantee) and you are increasing your chances, elemental major strength, current wing trait if any(including “none”).