About Golden Eggs

About the Golden Eggs (updated December 2018)

Golden Eggs are still are largely an unknown… but the Genetics Elves tell us they contain special animals or very rare animal traits.

All BBB female dragons or kitsune which are pregnant and drop an egg during the days of Dec 15th through Jan 15th (all times GMT) will have a chance to get a Golden Egg!

They are rare… and it’s purely by chance… but we’re excited about who will get them.

IMPORTANT: In order to have your mother’s “egg drop” qualify as a possible Golden Egg, you MUST be using the latest updaters, available at the Main Dragon Store, and Main Kitsune Store.

During the weeks of the Golden Egg Drop, we’ll have a new “set of possible” breeds each week; some common, some rare.
Hybrids are certainly a possibility. Last time I counted, the Golden Egg Drop adds a LOT of new breeds & coats to what is possible to get.

Good luck, and have fun!

~ BattleBeast Resident, and the BBB team 🙂