Best Practices

It is advisable to click on and get the Stats of your kitsune or dragon prior to birthing. The reason for this is if something happens in SL and it needs to be remade we will need the UUID and name of the breedable you are trying to get help on.

It is virtually impossible without that simple information to find and remake your babies unless it is a same day re-drop from your own animals. If you buy a animal from an auction, do it during the auction it is just a matter of clicking the dragon and asking for its Stats in local.

Once you are home you now have the information needed to remake your babies should SL decide to be wonky. Which happens 😉

We also HIGHLY recommend you use the ‘List Only’ function of your Updater. We do not know which animal get “eaten by SL” with so many server records. Please help us help you, by getting this information you birth an egg.