The Story of The BattleBeasts

The story of the BattleBeasts…

The mist of a primeval dawn parts… As the sun burns red into the sky, a fierce, powerful creature is silhouetted against the dawn. Nothing like this majestic beast has ever been seen. Somehow knowing all eyes are upon him, he rears upon his back legs, swinging his fierce head to survey all that is before him. Then without warning he roars and spews a stream of fire high into the sky. The creatures of the land cower before his might.

Just when they felt it safe to look up, the earth and sky began to rumble and shake. When at last they dared to look they saw that the horizon was filled with these creatures … large and small … red, black, blue and green. Their scales glowed in the light of the new day, eyes like molten crystal glittering in the light. Some thundered across the ground and others soared high above, their wings so enormous they nearly blotted out the newly-risen sun. Sometimes from deep within the primordial forest the sounds of their battles could be heard as they fought one another for power, for position … and for mates. When they mated the air was filled with the energy of creation and the species flourished, growing stronger and better with each generation and each battle … at least those who survived. These were the first, the genetic patterns for all of their kind that were to follow.

Long after these beasts first appeared, two legged creatures began to crawl and then walk the land, bringing their own fire with them. When they gained language they called themselves humans … and the magnificent beasts were named dragons. But even deep in the caves and swamps and forests they could not escape the relentless movement of the humans into their homes. Over the eons their habitats shifted and shrank until there was no place in that world that could support them.

And so they found a new world, a new life — a second life. And here they continue their age-old traditions of birth, development, mating, battle, and death. Their second life, their new adventure… has just begun. Come join us!