Chinese Water Dragons!

Come see the new Dragons on the grid!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Chinese Water Dragons!
This is the first time in over 2 years that BattleBeast Breedables has launched new starter animals, and the response has been amazing!

Similar to the Mizuchi Water Noble in shape, the Chinese Water Dragons (v4.0) come in 4 starter breeds and can collectively carry a total of another 4 hidden breeds. Additional hybrid combinations through breeding means that there are a total of 16 new dragon breeds available in Second Life. Rumor has it that the Chinese Water Dragons, when bred properly, can unlock the ability to get the rarest of all dragons – a Mizuchi Chinese Water Albino Dragon!

The BattleBeast team recently held a kickoff meeting at Mystic Bay, thanks to the generous hospitality of Mallorie Floresby, MB Owner. The event was very well-attended, with a raffle, Q&A, and a display of several of the starter and breed-out breed color schemes.

Several examples of the new Chinese Water Dragons can be seen at the Main Dragon Store (one is swimming in the lagoon!).

One thought on “Chinese Water Dragons!”

  1. When Battle first came to me about designing the chinese water dragons I thought do I want to . An I have been designing everything an anything from eyeball textures to battleships for several years now 🙂 I have this amazing husband Mr Darkstar who I love dearly who said baby you know you want to an I have to admit I did as I love the creative side of SL An as I started designing an designing an yes designing …..I get slightly addicted as creative juices so to speak never stop for me An I always felt as though loosing myself in design always was great therapy an a easy way to loose myself in as my husband knows I love showing him new things an Battle well hes getting used to me saying hey check this out 🙂 I think he quite didnt realize asking me to design was getting him into was unleashing him to add more an then more 🙂 But I love the response people have given an i look forward to people discovering more an more as still several are not been seen yet ….But Happy breeding everyone an I am glad to feed your addiction

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