Mystery of the Birthstones

Birthstone Limited Editions - dragons and kitsune
Birthstone Limited Editions – dragons and kitsune – display at the Main Store

The Mystery of the Birthstone Limited Edition Dragons and Kitsune

For Valentine’s Day in Second Life, the BattleBeast Breedables team introduced Birthstone animals; dragons and kitsune. As is our practice, these Limited Edition (LE) animals come in a variety of sizes and genetic traits. Specifically, there are six (6) possible Breeds (dragons) or Coats (kitsune) that can hatch directly from a Birthstone LE purchased dragon egg (or kitsunebi, in the case of the kitsune). The mystery is… how many total breeds (or coats) are possible, from the Valentine’s Day LE store animals? Well, here’s your hint: They are birthstones, right? How many months in the year are there?  Yes… when you count possible hybrids (and hybrids of hybrids!), there are a total of 12 possible Breeds/Coats. (Not including the Opal Birthstone which one lucky person was able to purchase at auction). We’ll be adding some pictures, shortly… enjoy!